About Us - Genericpillmall

Generic Pill Mall is a major online retailer and distributor of generic pharmaceuticals and healthcare products for customers around the world.


The company is run by highly qualified Indian pharmacists who offer excellent value for generic medications. Healthcare professionals have also placed their trust in Generic Pill Mall.


It is considered one of the top and most recommended online platforms for High Quality yet affordable medicines and better health in many nations. Generic Pill Mall provides a wide selection of generic and branded medications at competitive prices without sacrificing the high standards of the medicines.

Why is Generic Pill Mall Customers Top Pick?

If you are searching for ways to better your health and wellbeing, you’ve come to the right spot.


No one surpasses Generic Pill Mall in assisting you. We provide a broad selection of prescription and over-the-counter medications to meet your needs at reasonable prices with generous discounts off honest retail costs. Our high-quality remedies provide relief from diverse conditions and dysfunctions.


Now you don’t need to pay the high cost of your medicines when you can get them dexterously from our suitable and affordable online drug store at Generic Pill Mall.com all the items we need to look over are predictable and perfect meet as per all FDA standards and criteria. Generic Pill Mall continually works to make your Heath better and better each and every day.

What is Generic Pill Mall?

Generic medicines usually cost much less than brand name versions and have lower profit margins.


This is because competition between producers increases when a drug’s patent protection ends. Generic manufacturers have lower expenses because they only have to pay for making the drugs, not discovering and developing them.


So they can still make money while charging lower prices since they avoid the R&D costs.


To always be able to look at medicine from a consumer’s point of view. Healthcare stems from understanding the consumer and offers solutions that allow people to take care of their well-being through an online humanitarian network strengthened with data and technology.

We Believe

The world is shifting towards chronic illnesses that are not contagious and require more than just taking medicine.


These illnesses are more about “keeping things under control and in check” rather than “taking a pill and moving forward.” As the second most populous country, the ratio of doctors to patients is a major issue in a country like ours. Therefore, “keeping things under control” would necessitate concentrated self-management of both the condition itself and one’s lifestyle.

Our Motto

During the development of a tech company for the pharmaceutical B2B supply chain, we learned about generic drugs.

We saw that India’s pharmaceutical market is dominated by generics, with a large difference between factory costs and retail prices. 

Furthermore, medicine is the biggest out-of-pocket healthcare expense. This glaring need compelled us to pivot in 2020, launching the online platform Genericpillmall.com.

As we went along, it felt like just a tiny step towards delivering consumer-centric solutions. We believe that we need to go beyond medicine to help people. Especially those with chronic conditions, who lead happy and healthy lives. Therefore, Genericpillmall.com expanding its network to impact more lives. we are committed to increasing impact by developing solutions and services. products that will make people the masters of their own health.