How to Figure Out What You Actually Enjoy During Sex

How to Figure Out What You Actually Enjoy During Sex

Finding out what you enjoy doing for sex is the first step to satisfying sex. Without guidance, it is challenging for a partner to facilitate enjoyment. For a number of reasons, many people are unsure about what they enjoy or desire. Sexual shame and cultural stigma can make this information gap worse. How then do you determine your preferences in the bedroom? This post will discuss how to comprehend yourself more fully and provide contemplation prompts to help you along the way. 

Useful Advice for Discovering Your Bedtime Preferences

Watch and read erotica

Any sexually explicit literary or creative endeavor is considered “erotica.” When examining sexual interests on your own or with a partner or partners, it can be a very useful tool. Books, short tales, audio samples, drawings, and more can all be considered erotica. You can learn more about what you might or might not like during sex by investigating erotica and noting what piques your interest.

Examine your anatomy and sexual behavior.

Give deliberate thought to caressing and exploring your own body before involving a partner. This should extend beyond your genitalia, while that is also a significant area. Experiment with varied touches, such as lighter versus harder pressure. Let go of your preconceived notions about what you should enjoy and feel free to experiment. Additionally, you can experiment with other forms of masturbation, such as acute vs wide stimulation, play with sex toys, and switch up your posture from lying down to sitting.

Try it out with a reliable companion.

Experimenting with partnered sex with a partner is the best approach to find out what you prefer. Make sure the person you chose for a partner you can discuss your questions, doubts, and hesitations with is understanding. When you bring up the topic, pick a moment when they are prepared to talk about it and give them space to reflect. If you choose to move forward, make sure there are clear expectations and a safe word. When you’re ready, discuss how it went and whether you’d like to do it again afterwards.   

Reflection Questions

Gaining insight into your sex-related emotions could also aid in your understanding of your wants. To help you clarify your desires for sex, consider the following questions as you reflect:

Are there specific body regions that you find particularly enjoyable to feel stimulated?

Do you have any body parts that you would rather not have a partner touch?

What is your opinion on including sex toys or props into your sexual activities?

Do you have any sexual trauma that should be considered?

Do you enjoy using derogatory language?

Which would you prefer: leading the way or following others’ lead?

To what extent do you prefer to give or receive stimulation?

What kind of feelings do you seek from sex?

Do you want to feel powerful, seductive, in love, degraded, or in another way?

Which kind of sex stimulation is your favorite?

Would you like to be pierced?

Which form of post-sex care is most important to you?


Understanding your preferences in bed will help you guide partners and get the most out of your time in bed. By using methods like introspection and self-examination, you should be able to determine what is most effective for you. It’s possible for factors like shame and sexual trauma to play a role in your indecision. Seeking help from a sex therapist could be a good option if you’re having trouble discovering your sexual interests. Treat Erectile Dysfunction Pills – Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 200 mg, Sildalist 120 mg

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