How To Make a Sexual Request Without Pressuring or Embarrassing Your Partner

How To Make a Sexual Request

When two people are meant to be, they should have amazing sexual all the time and never have to discuss it since it comes naturally, right? Generally speaking, you are mistaken (not by your own doing!).

Everyone has been persuaded that the best partnerships have effortless sexual connections. However, there is more myth than reality when it comes to sex.

In actuality, most contented, sexually fulfilling partnerships involve discussions about sex. And the findings of The Gottman Institute’s study as well as my own observations from working as a sex therapist and coach support this.

Additionally, before we discuss how to hold those discussions about sex – how to actually ask for sex without pressuring or shaming your partner – we need to found a few things.

Discussing sex is good for you.

Besides, it’s useful.

Additionally, it upends the status quo in your sexual life, allowing you to improve any outdated patterns.

There are a couple of things you need to resolve before you can ask your partner for sex without feeling compelled, guilty, or ashamed.

Erectile Dysfunction

A Skill that is Essential to Develop is Asking for Sexual. 

Couples naturally form routines around this aspect of their sexual lives, whether one spouse is the one who consistently makes the first move or the partner who receives the request.

There are two methods to beg for sex: blatantly and quietly.

A comment like “you smell wonderful” could be a subliminal call for sex. or “you look stunning today.” 

It’s possible to do it without speaking. A gentle pat or squeeze, or simply sitting near to one another and sensing your increasing need for one another.

For long-term relationships, subtle, nonverbal demands for sex can be very effective. since you become familiar with the meaning of the signals.

What they really are is overt demands for sex sound like: would you like to have sex tonight?

However, the truth is that if you and your partner have incompatible libidos, the aforementioned technique will probably not work. Alternatively, it’s not like you’re actually talking about sex.
In my experience as a sex therapist, one of two things typically occurs when I treat couples who have mismatched libidos.
The pair is first having a protracted debate about sex. Though there may not be constant fighting, tension and annoyance always seem to rise when the topic of sex is brought up. Maybe even a certain level of rage that is felt or communicated by one or both sides.
The other experience is that of a loving, harmonious relationship between the pair. But over time, attraction and sex have diminished. Your sexless relationship isn’t really being discussed by anyone, and while you both may have reached out for sex – you’re not actually having any.

If you’re the partner who has greater desire, you can be really irritated with the circumstances. It’s understandable that you might feel offended and unwelcome. At this stage, you may even be experiencing touch starvation. This is the point where you might wish to do something totally unanticipated and unconventional.

Questioning is the Antidote

You may start a fruitful talk about sex by taking the lead and being curious. One in which you show your significant other the same enthusiasm and inquisitiveness you had when you initially started dating.

Can you recall how that felt?

Prior to being fully aware of your partner’s responses and narratives.

Prior to now, you had developed a routine of who makes the first move and who answers.

Assumptions and judgments are the exact opposite of the energy and emotions that lie beneath curiosity.

Because curiosity doesn’t presuppose answers; rather, it asks questions.

It gazes in awe, not knowing what is ahead or in front of it.

Now, discussing sex can be quite uncomfortable. However, if you strike up a discussion about sex with the intention of not getting into bed, Instead, make an effort to find out how the other person feels about sex before creating a safe zone. One in which you can discuss subjects that might otherwise make you feel under pressure, guilty, or resentful.

Another Few Suggestions for your Sex talk

It will be best to approach this topic as a team when you have it. Because lash out and say things like, “you never want to sleep with me anymore,” even if you’re unhappy and angry about the situation, is probably not going to bring you the kind of response you’re looking for.

Furthermore, it will not increase your partner’s libido in any way. Besides, to be honest, it’s probably not on your behalf either.

Rather, you might want to start by mentioning that you’ve observed your spouse isn’t very interested in having sex. And that you’re merely curious as to why that is? or, what is happening?

Additionally, you should ascertain whether whatever you’re doing is contributing in any way.

or anything you’re doing that makes them feel guilty or humiliated. therefore, you would adore being near them once more.

You want them to know that wanting sex with them is largely motivated by the love and approval that comes with it. 

The most crucial thing to realize is that your spouse won’t really “get” what you’re saying unless you tell them directly.

You can’t think your partner understands your emotions.

Additionally, since they can’t read minds, it’s critical to approach the conversation with love and genuine curiosity.

This gives the conversation the chance to take an entirely other turn. One that’s unachievable when the guilt and strain are running rampant.

Additionally, it will enable you to truly experience your partner’s validation and closeness.

Since there are probably numerous reasons why individuals are under pressure related to having sex. Furthermore, it’s possible that their lack of affection or your declining attractiveness has nothing to do with them.

Together, as a team, you are involved in this. You can truly examine what you can both do to fix the situation when you approach this from the position that you can’t have sex without the other and you’re both curious about how the other is feeling.

This safe atmosphere for dialogue and hot sex is created by approaching it with a collaborative and brainstorming mindset.

One of the most crucial skills to master is how to properly ask for sex.

The definition of insanity, according to Einstein, is doing the same thing over and expecting a different outcome. Thus, in that vein, the best method to get a different outcome is probably to try something new. More wonderful sex and enjoyable times with your partner—the things you’ve been waiting for.

You may change the course of your sexual life and reduce stress by putting your curiosity first.

You can release the shame and anxiety that have accumulated over time around sex and desire.

It is, in fact, feasible, and I frequently assist my clients in achieving it.

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