What Attracts Sexual Interest in Men? Recognizing the Sexual Desire of Men

What Attracts Sexual Interest in Men?

It should come as no surprise that these gender disparities are reflected not only in daily life but also in the development of sexual desire. Basically, guys are usually just looking to get down to business, so to speak, with or without an emotional relationship, whereas women are more turned on if and when they feel an emotional connection in addition to a physical attraction. Because of this, women’s sexual desires are typically complex, multifaceted, and challenging to control. This is because their sexual actions are motivated more by their relationships than by their physical attraction. Desire for sex among men? Not in that way. If you give a normal person some T&A, he should be fine.

This important and fundamental difference in how sexual desire is formed helps to explain why genitalia-stimulating medicines (like Vidalista 60 mg, Cenforce 200 mg) work so well for men but nearly nothing for women. It also explains why there are almost none of these “sensual” massage parlors and strip clubs targeted at women and a plethora of them targeted at men.

To be sure, some women are not as desperate as others when it comes to wanting or needing an emotional connection. In reality, a lot of career-driven women in today’s environment wait to get into meaningful partnerships until after they’ve built their own lives. Therefore, for now, casual sex is usually sufficient for them. Nonetheless, women continue to prioritize connections for the most part.

Notably, gay males are generally viewed in society as being hypersexual. Actually, they have no greater desire for sex than do heterosexual men. They might, however, be more successful than their heterosexual colleagues because they are seeking other males. Ultimately, a woman who is being pursued by a straight man is probably in the mood for a few elegant dinners and some flowers before she feels comfortable enough for sex. But that’s just not necessary when a gay man is pursuing another man. The normal guy, gay or straight, has to commit to sex with the same minimal emotional investment as he would in a workout partner—that is, none at all.

It should come as no surprise that the notion that male and female sexual arousal are significantly different is supported by a substantial body of research as well as common sense. Men and women watched recordings of two men and two women having sex in a well-known study. Subjectively, their reported level of sexual arousal was used to gauge their arousal reactions, and objectively, a plethysmograph—a device that gauges blood flow to the penis or clitoris—was used to measure the same. (Yes, volunteers are actually sought out for these studies.) The answers from the men were remarkably gender-specific: heterosexual men reported and showed sexual excitement only in response to the movies of women, while homosexual men reported and showed the opposite.

In the meantime, two-thirds of the women reported and demonstrated sexual attraction to both male and female stimuli, irrespective of their declared sexual orientation. This male-female dichotomy has been supported by additional studies, which indicates that while males are more attracted to the content (the sexual body parts), women are generally more attracted to the context of what they are watching—the relationship. The emotional bond simply doesn’t matter as much for men.

Therefore, it’s not entirely absurd to say that men are sexual pigs, regardless of their sexual orientation, as is commonly believed. If it’s the appropriate gender, they’ll pretty much go for anything.

What Men Really Want Actually

Despite what the aforementioned research may imply, male sexual desire is at least somewhat more complex. Indeed, males do seem to concentrate on the sexual aspects of their bodies, but their tastes in appearance seem to be very personal.

In case you were wondering, looking into a man’s past internet searches is one of the best methods to find out what really makes him feel attracted to you—apart from strapping him to a plethysmograph, of course. Since most people believe that their search histories vanish as soon as they click the transmit button, they are willing to explore their deepest impulses regardless of social conventions and are not afraid of being judged or subjected to retaliation based on these predilections.

What Does This Mean?

The majority of scientific studies constantly demonstrates that the sexual appetites of men and women are significantly different. This is generally believed to be an evolutionary need. In A Billion Wicked Thoughts, Ogas and Gaddam state that “a woman has to consider the long-term when contemplating sex with a man… Sex might commit a woman to a large, life-altering investment: pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more than a decade of child-raising… A woman’s sexual desire needs to be evaluated carefully in light of these concerns.

Therefore, before she desires real sex, a woman wants an intimate relationship—or at least the illusion of one. Men’s major (online) interest in sexual body parts may be explained by the evolutionary need that males have to disperse their seed as much as possible in order to ensure the survival of their lineage and the species as a whole.

Naturally, in the contemporary environment, these evolutionary imperatives don’t seem to be as important. Men typically behave like cavemen, but women typically behave as they have for millennia due to thousands of years of programming that cannot be readily erased. The good news is that most men finally do want to form close, long-term relationships, and they do so with a much wider range of of women than many might expect.

Although many men find underweight young runway models attractive, many more find actual women alluring who have real curves and a little life experience. (In a similar vein, not all gay men look for bodybuilders with lots of muscle.) So, in the words of my grandma, “Every pot has a lid.” And everyone benefits from that.

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