What Is the Role of the Cervix in Sexual Response?

What Is the Role of the Cervix in Sexual Response?

The narrow, lower portion of the uterus is called the cervix. It is the opening that connects the uterus to the vagina. During pregnancy, it closes to keep the womb closed, but during childbirth, it widens (dilates) to let the baby pass through the birth canal.

Little is known about the cervix’s possible function in sexual response and pleasure, despite the fact that its role in reproduction is well-documented. In an attempt to rectify this, the authors of a recent study polled 307 women online: 72 had previously undergone a gynecological operation, and 235 had not.

Online advertisements were used to recruit participants. Information was requested about the participants’ demographics, health history, preferred forms of sexual stimulation, locations of sexual sensations, sexual function and pleasure, and comfort level when discussing sexual health issues with medical professionals.

The majority of the women in this survey, who ranged in age from 21 to 30, identified as heterosexual. A gynecologic procedure was performed by about a quarter of the participants (23.5%), with loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) being the most frequently reported technique. With LEEP, part of the cervix is lost as the malignant or precancerous cells are removed using a wire loop heated by an electrical current, successfully treating the conditon.

Participants in this study were asked to point on labeled photographs where they experienced painful and pleasure sensations during sexual intercourse. In addition, they had to score how much pleasure they got from clitoral stimulation, deep vaginal stimulation (described as “when something is put inside your vagina past the length of your fingers”), cervical stimulation (described as “when something is put inside your vagina and touches the cervix at the end of your vagina”), and vaginal stimulation (described as “when something is put inside your vagina”). The 6-item Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) was the last task for the subjects to complete.

The majority of the women (70.8%) said that clitoral stimulation was the most enjoyable, followed by deep vaginal stimulation (16.9%), vaginal stimulation (10.4%), and cervical stimulation (0.3%). Five participants chose not to respond to this query.

While 16.3% of individuals reported feeling nice sensations from cervical stimulation, just 0.3% of participants thought this sort of stimulation was the most enjoyable.

Furthermore, compared to the women in the non-gynecological procedure group, the women in the gynecological treatment group reported higher rates of pain and lower rates of pleasure in the clitoris, vagina, deep vagina, anterior and posterior vaginal walls, and external genitalia. Furthermore, the sub-analysis of the group of gynecological procedures showed that substantial discomfort was exclusively reported by those who had a cervical surgery.

Compared to the other women, those who had had a gynecological operation (of any kind) reported less lubrication, arousal, and desire for sex, as well as more avoidance of it because of vaginal dryness.

The findings indicate that cervical stimulation is enjoyable for many women and that gynecological operations may negatively impact a woman’s ability to have sexual relations, even if further research is needed to build on this study.

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