What No One Told You About Erectile Dysfunction

What No One Told You About Erectile Dysfunction

Once known as impotence, erectile dysfunction, or ED, was one of those medical conditions that was hardly talked about. But these days, it would be difficult to find a day when you didn’t see commercials for the condition’s treatment.

Tens of millions of male Americans suffer from erectile dysfunction. In actuality, ED affects an estimated 30 million men in the US.

Apart from the oral drugs used to treat it, however, how much do you actually know about ED? The highly qualified medical professionals of Generations Family Practice in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina, offer their perspectives on erectile dysfunction and other topics in this blog.

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The erection’s mechanics

Let’s examine the mechanics of an erection in order to comprehend the complexity of erectile dysfunction. Normal sexual stimulation results in the production of substances by nerves that improve blood flow to the penis. Two muscle chambers that are used for erection are the target of targeted blood flow.

The blood is trapped in the porous tissues during an erection. An erection is produced by the penis stiffening or firming up as a result of this process raising the blood pressure in the chambers. A second set of nerve impulses are transmitted to the penis during a man’s orgasm, which causes the tissues to contract. The erection weakens when the blood pressure in the chambers drops.

When a man has erectile dysfunction, underlying issues interfere with or stop the erection process, making it impossible for him to achieve or maintain an erection strong enough for fulfilling sexual activity. Many times, a variety of causes come together to create erectile dysfunction, such as blood flow issues, injury to blood vessels or nerves, adverse drug reactions from prescription medications, or psychological issues. Erectile dysfunction is highly treated, which is good news.

ED is not a necessary component of aging

The fact that ED is not a typical aspect of aging is one of the more positive little-known facts concerning the condition. Even though ED is more prevalent in older men, men can and do have fulfilling relationships well into old age. Get in touch with your doctor if you believe that your ability to maintain an erection has changed so they can determine the cause and help you feel and behave more like yourself.

Erectile Dysfunction may be a sign of a more serious illness.

Even though it can ruin your sexual life, erectile dysfunction is usually not a severe or serious condition. On the other hand, ED may be a precursor of a severe long-term medical issue, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular disease, or cardiovascular disease. Indeed, ED affects 35–50% of males with diabetes.

ED may worsen in those with depression.

Regretfully, ED can negatively impact your emotional health by inciting worry and despair, both of which can exacerbate ED symptoms. Moreover, ED is a side effect of some antidepressants and high blood pressure medications if you have depression or high blood pressure. Consult your doctor about other options if you use antidepressants or other medications to lower your blood pressure and have ED.

Erectile Dysfunction is treatable

Thankfully, the days of dismissing erectile dysfunction as a condition you would have to live with are long gone. At Generations Family Practice, we treat a variety of Sexual health issues, including erectile dysfunction, which is quite treatable.

We establish enduring, trustworthy connections with our patients in order to make talking about delicate topics, including ED, less awkward and more natural. Together, you and our skilled, caring medical team can identify the underlying cause of your ED symptoms and create an effective treatment plan.

Oral medicines are predicted to alleviate ED symptoms for 7 out of 10 men. ED medications increase blood flow by relaxing the tissues of the penis. Penile pumps, testosterone therapy, and penile injections are among other ED treatments.

Contact Generations Family Practice by phone or online to schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing problems maintaining an erection or if you have erectile dysfunction.

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